Cosima-Lucia's last project Alles außer Kontrolle (Out of Control) is currently in post-production.

She wrote the screenplay and also played the lead role.

About Cosima-Lucia

Cosima-Lucia Muck was born on February 15th. 2004 in Munich, Germany.


From early on, during her time in Kindergarden she appeared in a commercial:  Du bist Deutschland, (You are Germany).

At the age of seven she played the recurring role of Leila Garcia in the beloved TV-series Marienhof. She portrayed this character for two years.

Further credits include: Ab Morgen (Short Film),  Hörst du es auch

(Short Film) and a Guest Starring role in: Frühling - Frühlingsgefühle (ZDF).

She also appeared in: Im Nesseltal, alongside her mother Jenny-Marie.


Cosima is a professional field hockey player. She started playing at she age of four for the ESV München, becoming Bavarian Champion in 2017 and runner- up (second place) in 2018.

During 2017/18 season she endured an injury and decided to take it a little easier. She still loves to play, for the enjoyment of it.

She is passionate about photography and architecture and is interested in arts and music. Cosima plays the guitar and was a chorus member of the Anne Frank-Middle School, her voice range is alto and soprano 2.

Cosima-Lucia writes screenplays and started producing and directing short films as well.

Main subject is the way she experiences the world, she's living in, falling in love, how we communicate with each other, and other teenage related themes.

​She currently attends the Waldorf School in Munich and is expected to graduate in 2021-22.  She lives with her mom Jenny and her sister Philomena in Munch.


Cosima-Lucia in:  Endlich Frühling (Finally Spring Time) with Simone Thomalla und Lena Mayer.


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